Fire Risk Assessments

Fire safety legislation in the UK requires that all businesses and other non-domestic buildings carry out a fire risk assessment and review it periodically. It is the responsibility of a designated ‘responsible person or duty holder’ to ensure that a fire risk assessment has been completed and that it is suitable and sufficient for the purpose of ensuring the safety and protecting the lives of any people in or around the building.

No matter who carries out the fire risk assessments, the ‘responsible person’ cannot delegate the responsibility for ensuring the adequacy of the assessment. If employing a specialist to undertake your fire risk assessment, whilst you are not expected to be an expert in fire safety, you should make reasonable checks to ensure that they are competent in completing the job properly. Unfortunately, the reality is, there are a lot of fire risk assessors selling their services that do not possess the necessary skills. This could leave you, your staff, and your business at risk.

When it comes to Total Fire Solutions, we are certified fire risk assessors in Manchester. Our assessors are FRACS (Fire Risk Assessors Certification Scheme) certified, and by choosing us to complete your fire risk assessment, you can be assured you have shown due diligence in choosing a competent service provider who promise to deliver a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment.

The FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT COMPETENCY COUNCIL have issued a guide to choose a competent fire risk assessor. For further information about fire risk assessments visit the Chief Fire Officers Association website:

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