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Total Fire Solutions are based in Radcliffe, Manchester and specialise in all aspects of fire alarm Maintenance, Supply, Design, Installation, Commission and Maintenance. From the maintenance of your building's existing fire alarm system, supplying you with a single smoke detector, to installing and commissioning multi-panel, fully networked systems, we have the solution for you.

Fire Alarm Supply, Installation, Commission & Maintenance,
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Total Fire Alarm Service & Maintenance

Fire alarm systems are installed in order to protect people on your premises in the event of a fire. They are designed to pick up on smoke, well in advance of people noticing it on the shop or business floor. The alarm system gives them the early warning required to evacuate safely.  It is therefore crucial that fire alarm maintenance and t...

Total Fire Alarm Equipment Supply

For an up to date fire alarm equipment supply, Total Fire Solutions is your place. We have access to all the various makes and types of fire alarm equipment that you may need. We manage our stock levels based on our records of our customers’ eq...

Total Fire Alarm Installation

At Total Fire Solutions, our experienced team have designed, installed and commissioned countless fire alarm systems. From small standalone budget systems to multi-networked intelligent fire systems, we have undertaken fire alarm installations in Manchester and beyond, all to an outstanding standard.  We believe that a fire alarm system is...

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If you are reading through our website, you're probably looking for services to help with fulfilling your legal requirements as a building owner, landlord, employer or due to your position as a 'Responsible Person'. A great place to look...

Working With Total Fire

Here at Total Fire Solutions, we're always on the look out for good, experienced fire alarm installation, service and commissioning engineers. If you think you have what it takes to join our fast growing fire alarm services company then please get in touch.

Total Fire Alarm Commission

 Following the installation of a new fire alarm system or alteration to an existing system it is necessary to ensure that it operates as required and that an alteration has not impaired the effectiveness of the existing installation. It is also...

Fire Alarm Repairs and Remedial Works

As businesses grow and develop so do their fire safety requirements. We are here to serve you in all your fire safety needs and therefore can make any necessary additions to your fire alarm systems due to business growth.  Moreover, we also carry out essential fire alarm repairs in Manchester and beyond. In order to do this effectively and...

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