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If you are reading through our website, you're probably looking for services to help with fulfilling your legal requirements as a building owner, landlord, employer or due to your position as a 'Responsible Person'. A great place to look is the Fire Safety In The Workplace page of the Government Website.

BS5839 Guide Download

Click Here to download Apollos handy guide to the BS5839 fire alarm regulations.

Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Log Book

Click Here to download our free Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting log book.

Choosing a Fire Risk Assessor Guide

Click Here to download our guide to choosing a competent fire risk assessor.

Battery Size Calulator Tool

We're here to make your project as easy as possible. To help you along the way, we will calulate what fire alarm battery size you will need when you enquire though our contact form. We will let you know what battery size you need as soon as we can.

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